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punctuation; teleportation; salt; painted finger and toe nails; lipstick; elephants; staircases; ice cream; barefeet; treehouses; believing in magic and mysticism; ketchup&mustard; papayas, pomegranates and passionfruit; cartwheels; thanksgiving; things that sparkle; cars without doors; honesty; motorcycles; fairy tales; being a pisces; oxytocin; building igloos and throwing snowballs; tea; opals; diving; soup; the convenience of fanny packs; wearing a flower in my hair; connecting; ::smilelines::; active lifestyles; wandering; the idea of love; getting lost in thought; being lost in thought; the release of serotonin from dancing, sex, laughing and failed surfing attempts; mermaids; hula hoop bliss; seedless grapes; fizzy water; crispy m&ms; daydreaming, night dreaming and having big dreams; little pigs; bodily adornment; the satisfying ::sigh:: after finishing a good book.

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